Prayers for LKM

Prayers for LKM

Hello Families & Guardians

Just sending a couple short videos to let you know that your children mean so much to us and that this is something I have felt to do for a while.  If you are not able to open them please let me know. 

(a little bit of a back story)…

I have felt for a couple years that there is something “spiritual” that could/will happen within LKM.  Specifically, that our children will begin to operate in spiritual gifts inside as well as outside of the church.

I do not know how God will work it out, and I admit I am not experienced with this as much as I would like, but my husband and I have some exciting plans for the later part of the year with a few who definitely are experienced with children praying and being used in the spirit.

I have always wanted a real church service for the children that functions and feels like “big” church.  And although we have made huge changes and have had wonderful powerhouse services, we have not been able to do it as often as we would have liked.  But I feel so encouraged that great things are about to happen.  God uses children!!  They are so sensitive to His spirit.  

Thank you for letting us work with your children.  I miss them and seeing their faces.  I feel sad knowing there are several leaving us soon for the youth and we have not been able to enjoy them for the last few months.  But awesome things are happening in VSM as well.

We will let you know as soon as plans have been approved to come together again.  

Looking forward to great things in LKM


Bro. & Sis. VanOwen

If you do not see your child’s name please let me know

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